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In Case We've Not Met Yet...
I started a construction company in 2007 right before the real estate market crash. When everything stopped, a friend reminded me that the government was still open and actively buying goods and services. 

So I started investigating what it would look like to start a government contracting business. 

My friend introduced me to another person who had a residential A/C business and we decided to partner together.  
I took all the free classes that I could find. 

I attended all the workshops and major government contract events both locally and in D.C. 

I bought books on the subject and pretty much full immersed myself until I started to get some early wins. 

Small wins turned into larger ones and the frequency of the contracts picked up until we became the major small business on Homestead Air Force Base. 

We then went to other bases and continued to grow the business. 
In 2017 I saw the need to share with others what I had learned on my journey over the previous 10 years. 

So I started my YouTube channel to help teach people my lessons learned and best practices so that we could shorten their time from zero to contract. 

Since that time, I've helped over 10,000 entrepreneurs grow their federal customer base. 

I am part of the U.S. Embassy program for expert speakers on Government Contracting. 

I've participated as a speaker for the Small Business Administration and other government entities  

I’ve interviewed the Top Small Businesses in the World (SBA Award Winners, Entrepreneurs of the Year, Washington Technology, President Award recipients ) …

And work side by side with CEOs at Inc 500 companies advising them on how to start, grow and build their federal pipeline.

People Love to Ask These Questions 

What support do I have available when I purchase Small Business Accelerator + Lifetime?
You will be added to a private members only channel (SLACK) that we created specifically for people in this program. That will allow us to answer immediate questions that you may have. Inside the channel we can do video calls, voice memos or arrange a phone call if needed. All of our coaches are inside the channel so when a message goes out the appropriate team member can respond. 
Is there a Facebook Group I can join?
Yes! However, we recommend you sign up on our exclusive platform, On this platform we have nearly 1,000 members regularly sharing information about events, contracting briefs, documents received from government webinars and more. Also we teach supplemental classes and lessons over and above the course materials.  
But what if I get the course and don’t like it? 
I’ve helped thousands of entrepreneurs with these methods, and have received amazing feedback. But if for some reason you’re not satisfied, no sweat! Just email me within 30 days of purchasing and I’ll issue a full refund. You’ll still get to keep the course!
How long does it take to complete the Small Business Accelerator?
The Accelerator is a 10-week program from start to finish. Most of the modules are 2 - 3 hours of time commitment. This will give you a baseline understanding of contracting, who you should be talking to, what to say and what are the expectations from the government for your company. That will prepare you to start making calls to government decision makers so that you can talk to them about specific projects that you want to go after.  
How long do I have access to the course for?
Quite simply, you have lifetime access to Small Business Accelerator and Academy 3.0 repository! This means you can work through both programs at your own pace, and also refer back to the material whenever you please.
What happens if I cannot log in, or there is a tech issue?
Please give us a call, 786-477-0477. Or you can send an email explaining the issue and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours . . . and usually much sooner! Also once you are inside the SLACK group you can send text messages directly to any coach.
I have never spoke to anyone about a government contract, will I end up sounding like an idiot?
Most definitely not. I engineered this program specifically to get you comfortable in your own skin. You will discover the speaking style to showcase your company in the best light. That means you will feel more authentic in your responses than ever before. We will prepare you for the calls with frequently asked questions to practice reciting the answers prior to ever getting on the phone.  
Can you really guarantee I will get sales from this course?
If you engage with the material and follow the steps, yes! Remember, you don’t have to achieve “perfection” on your first try. 

The government customer is risk adverse for good reasons. Our goal is to help you find your ally within the government who will give a newcomer like you a chance. 

The federal life cycle is long so it may take a few tries before you win them over. But without fail, the people who stay resilient and laser focused beat out those who give up early or jump all over the place. 
What if I'm not a good writer?
It is true that most government contracts require written proposals. However, there are tens of thousands of contracts going out each month specifically construction that only require you to submit your standard price proposal to get the contract. And if you absolutely needed to write a written proposal we can recommend people who we've worked with to help. Everything that you are lacking can be contracted out by an industry professional. 
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